Bring greater certainty to your retirement outcomes

It is during periods of market upheaval that the value of our approach will be most evident.

Our approach brings greater certainty to your retirement outcomes by integrating retirement planning with mathematical modelling, financial science, and world-class investment expertise.


A good retirement plan should deliver your desired level of income, last at least as long as you do, and keep pace with inflation. If your plan is to stop working at 65 and devote yourself full-time to other pursuits, you shouldn’t be hoping we’re in the midst of a bull market when that day comes. With careful oversight, rigorous mathematical modelling, and management of taxes and other aspects of your assets, we create plans designed to deliver closely on the desired distributions. To help you achieve specific outcomes, we go well beyond model portfolios. We individually tailor your investments to provide precisely the income you need from your retirement date onwards.

“It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.”

Mark Twain

Retiring on your schedule

While markets historically make money for investors over the long term, there is no guarantee that a severe bear market won’t exist just before and just after you retire. That is why the five years before and after your projected retirement date have been termed “the fragile decade.”

Typical super funds create investment portfolios with multiple asset classes, aiming to maximise return per unit of risk. It’s a fine approach for large institutions that will be invested in the markets in perpetuity, but not for individuals approaching retirement. After saving for 30 years, you can’t wait out a 15-year bear market to start your retirement. Your investment strategy needs to be based on a specific time horizon, focused on when you’ll start drawing an income and how long you expect to do so.

If your plan is based solely on investing, you may find yourself not being able to support the lifestyle you expected—or delaying your retirement beyond what you had desired. Our approach helps to prevent that occurrence.

Managing income risk

The accumulation and pension phases of funding your retirement require fundamentally different approaches.

In 2007, having $1 million in a term deposit provided $75,000 per annum of income. Fast forward to today, and having $1 million in a term deposit might provide $25,000 of income if you’re lucky.

Many people would have described this term-deposit investment as risk-free. However, while the capital value was unchanged:

  • the level of income it provides has dropped by two thirds!
  • the purchasing power of the capital has been eroded by inflation
  • to maintain the same income, you now need to consume 5% of your principal every year

When planning for retirement, the relevant benchmark for your portfolio is not your account balance, but the stream of ongoing inflation-protected income it can support.

Taming uncertainty with mathematical modelling

Funding retirement is a multi-period (30+ year) optimisation problem.
There are two types of investors:
  1. Those who don’t know where markets are headed, and
  2. Those who don’t know they don’t know.

We can’t know what will happen in the future, but through mathematical modelling we can simulate many possible futures to understand the range of possible outcomes various strategies might produce.

With this powerful approach we can understand how your portfolio will perform in periods of prosperity, armageddon, and everything in between. Your strategy will then be uniquely tailored to your income needs and risk tolerance to narrow in on a range of outcomes that you would be comfortable with.

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