Supporting Smarter Decisions

Using financial data effectively is essential to any business. Our planning, financial modelling and analysis helps small-business owners achieve greater profitability, strong cash flow, a healthy balance sheet, a fair return for themselves and value that’s transferable.

If running one were easy, everybody would be doing it. It’s both art and science. But as with any profession, if you have a protocol for the science part, you create a framework for the art part. Improvisation occurs most successfully when done within a structure. Business is no exception.

Understand the financial impact of your decisions before you make them.


Strategic Business Planning

We’ll help you develop a business plan that focuses on:
  • Strategy – what differentiates your firm from others, and
  • Vision – where you want your business to be.

We’ll then develop an operational plan together that focuses on the steps required to make your vision a reality.

Predictive Modelling


By getting under the hood of your business to really understand how it works, we’re able to build an accurate financial model of it. This provides a virtual laboratory where we can explore what-if scenarios such as:

  • What impact would increasing pricing have?
  • What impact would changing our product/service mix have on our profitability?
  • Should we add more support staff or more professional staff?

Mathematical modelling allows us to explore more complex economic interactions in your business. A successful pricing strategy cannot be based on intuition or anecdotal information. By testing specific price points we are able model the demand response, known as price elasticity, mathematically. This allows us to derive the optimal price point to maximise profitability.

Cash Flow Management

Poor cash flow management is one of the leading causes of small business failure, yet it’s also one of the least understood aspects of business performance.

Our simple cash flow management system brings order and visibility to all cash movements in your business, transforming it from a cash-eating monster to a something that generates surplus cash every month.

Risk Management

Entrepreneurs are risk takers by nature. However the smart ones only take calculated risks with an expected reward. Every other sort of risk is actively managed or eliminated.

Small businesses are usually highly dependent on the owner and/or some key staff members to generate revenue. They’re juggling debt (often secured against the family home), cash flow issues, staff and suppliers. Each of these represent points of vulnerability where if something were to happen to the owner or key staff, the business would be jeopardised, along with the owner’s family’s lifestyle.

We help clients develop a plan to manage these risks within the business or transfer them to an insurance company.


Strategic thinking can better position your business to cope with changes in the market place and the economy.

  • What service mix would offer greater resilience in the event of a recession?
  • What fraction of my revenue comes from external sources (over which I have no direct control)? For example, dental practice revenue derived from the government benefits that were subject to change.
  • Am I overly reliant on a single referral source? Can I diversify?
  • What would happen if creditor terms changed suddenly?


Succession Planning

The ultimate goal of most business owners is to create a valuable enterprise they can one-day sell.

We develop tailored investment strategies that are designed around your business to provide maximum diversification across all your assets.


Your succession plan must allow for both planned and unplanned exits from the business. Forward planning for the sale to an external buyer or an internal successor will ensure the best result, and that you get the best tax outcome as well. By also allowing for unforeseen circumstances, you can ensure the value of your stake in the business is protected, should health issues force an early retirement.

Ready to take the next step?

In a complicated world, having an adviser by your side who is confident, ready for tomorrow, and completely committed to your interests is a difference that matters.